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Welcome to LINKBase, an online portal for local government professionals to discovers resources, ideas and information that makes doing their jobs easier. Local government rarely competes and usually collaborates with each other. Today, public agency staff are working across subject areas and needing to work more efficiently. Harnessing the wisdom of peers helps people work faster and LINKBase is designed to help share great ideas and to make those ideas readily available to everyone.

To help these forums turn into deep resource, professional members of the LINKBase team are assigned to provide human curation and to create order from the potential chaos of ideas and asks that are submitted to the platform. You will see them show up as Moderators and Administrators.

Finally, this platform is initially operating in BETA mode. We have selected a solid platform partner for the service, but we know that this is more than technology. It is about learning from the audience and optimizing to fee their needs. So, expect us to do a lot of listening and responding in the coming months.


  1. COVID-19 Response Matters for Local Government

    Resources, ideas and important questions for local governments to consider with COVID-19 and the pandemic response.

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